Explorations at Liger Leadership Academy are project-based experiences where students work together in groups to explore a relevant, often complex question, problem, or challenge. This project-based learning is almost always enhanced with intensive activities that involve student immersion in real-world experiences outside of the classroom.

By engaging in real issues in the outside world, students focus on big-picture systems thinking and create a final product or action that causes change or serves a meaningful purpose. This process helps each student develop individually and communally as creators and innovators. It ensures deep and authentic learning – engaging students in critical thinking, problem-solving, and decision-making in contexts that are relevant to them.

During an exploration, our learning facilitator provides general direction for an individual or group of students to achieve a set of goals without a rigid step-by-step approach to solving the issue. This system allows each student’s leadership qualities to emerge. Students take advantage of meaningful opportunities that arise during the exploration and focus on higher levels of inquiry and the big picture as much as possible.

Through our project-based learning model, Liger aims to create a group of entrepreneurial thinkers. In a quickly changing world, the ability to see, create and develop new opportunities will be vital for the future leaders of Cambodia and for the future of Cambodia itself. As Cambodia grows its presence in the global markets, proper knowledge and skills are vital to take advantage of the emerging opportunities.

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