Liger Leadership Academy is located 12 kilometers from the center of Cambodia’s capital Phnom Penh. As a 21st-century progressive international school, LLA was designed to maintain a strong connection to the local surroundings, culture, and community. The campus maintains the highest degree of education in a safe and child-friendly environment while emphasizing many authentic elements of Khmer style village life and architecture.

Originally covered in indigenous lush vegetation, the five-acre plot was designed to preserve as many mature trees as possible, providing natural shade and a green environment for LLA’s students. A centrally located main study building with open space, mobile layout classrooms, assembly hall, dining hall, and clinic is strategically situated beside a small fish pond to create a peaceful setting ideal for social gatherings. Just a few steps away, another two-story building houses technology-focused facilities like the Innovation Center and Science Lab. Additionally, the campus is home to a study hall, a recording studio, and an array of sports facilities including an all-weather court, a small swimming pool and a football field.

Our students are divided into two cohorts – Junior and Senior – and live the full academic year on-site in two separate but adjacent, purpose-built Khmer style village campuses.

The Junior Campus houses children aged 11 to 14 and is comprised of four dormitories each with sleeping, study and play areas. Our younger students remain under the constant care of the live-in Residential Educators, one per dormitory. These caregivers are instrumental in providing a supportive and healthy family environment enabling the children to flourish. Each dormitory has three separate bedrooms for a maximum of 15 students. Study hall and laundry buildings are used by both juniors and seniors.

The Senior Campus is slightly larger and comprises a quiet study hall plus eight self-contained apartments located in four residential buildings. Each apartment accommodates up to eight students aged 15 to 18 and is divided into two bedrooms, two bathrooms, a lounge, a kitchen and a guest bathroom. This is where our Seniors not only live, rest and study but also where they learn how to run a real household. Students’ daily responsibilities include preparing their own meals, household cleaning, laundry and managing the household budget. All of this is done by utilizing the Liger Digital Currency developed from scratch by our students and implemented in 2017.