Letter from the founders

At Liger Leadership Academy, we believe that the most effective form of aid is not a handout, but rather a hand up, via targeted investment to enable the local population to overcome social, political, and economic hurdles on their own. In fact, those closest to a problem are typically those who are most able to solve it when provided with the tools to do so.

To accomplish this, we seek out high-potential, economically disadvantaged young people who we believe are future change makers. Using an interdisciplinary program focused on education, entrepreneurship, and leadership, we are preparing our students to drive Cambodia’s future social and economic development.

Visiting Cambodia for the first time in 2002, my wife Agnieszka and I fell in love with the country and its people. Determined to direct our efforts toward development in Cambodia, and after years of research and planning, we began building Liger Leadership Academy in 2010 and accepted our first cohort of students in 2012. Notably, throughout all efforts we have strived to create not just a single academy, but a model that can be replicated virtually anywhere.

We believe in sustainable aid and long-term investment. We believe in helping people help themselves. Most importantly, we know that one empowered individual is capable of changing the world around them. If you share these beliefs, we encourage and welcome you to help us build a brighter future via Liger Leadership Academy.

Trevor Gile
Agnieszka Tynkiewicz-Gile