After more than a decade of operating as a Foundation and having our model, curriculum, and students recognized at both International and National levels, Liger is now transitioning into a yearly intake model and offering placements for fee-paying students, with the support of American University of Phnom Penh (“AUPP”). Our academic rigor, experiential, entrepreneurial, and opportunity-based learning all remain. The curriculum has also been extended from STEM to STEEAM (Science, Technology, Entrepreneurship, Engineering, Arts, Math)

In addition to our current successful educational model, we have incorporated a very necessary component for any young person growing up in the 21st century – Personal Organization and Wellness (POW).

POW is an integral component of every student’s learning, providing them with the tools to help them, not just survive, but thrive, in a competitive, ever-changing world.  Introduced as a teacher-led course in Grade 7, POW seeks to support students in their development of reflecting on and managing their own academic progress, weekly schedules, and mental and physical well-being; with a focus on self-regulation, self-awareness, and moving toward higher levels of independence, POW is facilitated in Grade 8, and is independent in Grades 9-12 with monitoring and support available as appropriate

The goal of the POW coursework in Grade 7 is to give students consistent, explicit instruction in, and hands-on practice with, real-world skills under the umbrella of overall wellness and achievement: physical fitness, mental health, social-emotional self-regulation, executive functioning, and management of academic progress.

POW dives deep into the systems that underpin a healthy balance of productivity and rest, as well as the development of healthy habits. As a result, students grow a foundation based on self-awareness and personal accountability. Furthermore, POW introduces students to a range of strategies, tips, techniques and tools to plan, organize, and manage various tasks, prioritizing and  scheduling them accordingly. Over the course of the year, students become familiar with different materials and software to manage their time efficiently, while allowing flexibility to evaluate and reschedule their tasks as needed. Each week, students have multiple opportunities to sit down, reflect concretely, and evaluate their schedule, to-do list, habits, goals, and so much more, and adjust them accordingly.


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