Essentials / Fundamental Learning

Every Liger student takes four essential subjects every term – English literacy, Khmer literacy, math, and science. While the general subjects stay the same, the area of study within these subjects varies and the difficulty level of these subjects increases with each year.

While Liger is not a STEM school, we believe in placing a strong emphasis on STEM in our curriculum. At this moment, there is a strong need for graduates with STEM skills in Cambodia and, in the future, we believe that leadership needs will be increasingly dependent on STEM skills.

Liger Leadership Academy is an English immersion school. As well as developing all around literate students, LLA places a strong emphasis on reading, writing, listening and speaking English; this giving all our students the best opportunity for university admittance and future job possibilities.

Liger students are expected to attain a high level of reading, writing, listening and speaking skills in their native tongue (Khmer) by graduation. All students are expected to be able to use Khmer language skills in a wide variety of situations ranging from writing advanced research papers to giving formal speeches to professional audiences.

A solid background in basic science subjects and concepts – including physical and biological sciences – are expected of all LLA students. This, combined with extensive science work in project-based learning experiences, provides a solid background for university admittance as well as overall well-rounded science backgrounds for future careers.

All LLA students complete six years of math during which they obtain solid math skills appropriate for their future. Students pursuing university work or careers demanding strong math backgrounds will gain the necessary advanced math skills ranging from algebra to statistics to calculus.