Liger Leadership Academy encourages diversity of its staff.  Learning specific content is less important than gaining skills – such as design process, innovation skills, research experience, and collaboration skills – that can be used on campus and beyond. We want our students to be inspired by as many people as possible with expertise in their areas of interest and for that reason, we work extraordinarily hard at recruiting and retaining an exceptional, diverse, committed staff with a passion for Liger Leadership Academy and our mission.


“Every day, our students astound me with their academic skills, but more than that, with their desire to use these skills to create change in their country. I have found their creativity, resourcefulness, passion and flexibility to be unparalleled in students of their age. At the end of the day, what I am the most proud of is their strength of character: they act with integrity, honesty and love for each other, this opportunity and their country.”
– Caroline Bell, Education Director


“Creating change agents for Cambodia has inspired me to work here. I love the idea of changing my country to become a better society. I would like to see the future generations of Cambodia have the brightest future. Liger is the place that changes people’s mindset.”
– Bunthan Un, Learning Facilitator


“LLA is more than a school. It is a group of people who are inspired and committed to make real change in Cambodia. LLA is comprised of unwavering and thoughtful minds, deep thinkers, innovators, and risk-takers at a leadership, facilitator and student level. With this unique community, LLA creates authentic learning opportunities for children who have the opportunity to explore, invent, create, think, and develop Cambodia.”
– Claire Leavitt, Former Learning Facilitator


“The most rewarding part is being able to see the students at LLC grow with dignity and a heart that cares about the world and not just their own country, Cambodia.”
– Saboeun Sao, Operations Manager


“LLA is a school that seeks to provide students with the skills they need to affect change within their communities and the world as a whole. By investing heavily in a few students, we empower those students to improve Cambodia from within their own country.”
– Alli Bukys, Former Learning Facilitator


“Liger allows students the opportunities to pursue their interests while developing new skills in a positive, nurturing environment. Their motivation to create new knowledge and make Cambodia better is an inspiration for all.”
– Karen Krieger, Former Learning Facilitator