Dominic Sharpe

Country Director
Dominic Sharpe, Country Director

Dominic has worked in a range of sectors in Cambodia since 2006. He believes leadership is a practice, not a position. Dominic comes to Liger Leadership Academy with a strong background in entrepreneurship and non-profits having founded two successful business in London as well as serving as the co-founder and trustee of non-profit The Cambodian Children’s Charity. Dominic is a true advocate of disruptive, innovative schooling as a tool to lessen the gap between what is being learned and what business and the future needs. He believes that people from sectors outside of institutional education should be involved with education – not to work against, but to work with, educationalists. Dominic is proud to have been an integral part of Liger since the beginning and continues to be inspired by the model of changing the country through investing in the promising few.

Jeff Holte

Director of Education
Jeff Holte, Director of Education

Jeff is an innovative, creative educator with nearly 40 years of experience as a teacher, principal, technology director, school director and designer of pioneering learning models. Originally from the United States, Jeff has been living in Qatar, China, Democratic Republic of Congo and Cambodia working in the field of education since 2006. He has been with Liger since 2013 and is passionate about education and the promise it provides to the learner, the community and the world. His goal is to ignite curiosity, inspire a love of learning, and motivate children to fulfill their potential through project-oriented and opportunity-based experiences.

Caroline Bell

Caroline Bell, Principal

Caroline Bell is the Principal at the Liger Leadership Academy. Caroline started her tenure at Liger in 2012, where she was hired as the Literacy Facilitator. For four years, Caroline worked with the first cohort of 50 students, facilitating their reading, writing, listening and speaking skills. In 2016, Caroline transitioned to Lead Learning Facilitator, which included managing the day to day educational operations of the staff and students. She worked primarily on scheduling, initiatives and off-campus extensions. In 2019, Caroline became Principal of Liger Leadership Academy. Caroline is a double graduate of Boston College with a Bachelors and a Masters in Education, with a focus on Curriculum and Instruction. Previous to her work at Liger, she worked in special education with K-3 students at a public school in Brookline, Massachusetts.

Saboeun Sao

Operations Manager
Saboeun Sao, Operations Manager

As Operations Manager for Liger Leadership Academy, Saboeun’s responsibilities include ground maintenance and upgrade, facility maintenance and upgrade, and catering and residential management. He joined the Liger team in 2009. Prior to LLA, Saboeun worked in operations for Quarto Products and in marketing for Auskhmer. He holds a Bachelor Degree in Computer Science from the Royal University of Phnom Penh and a Master Degree in Business Management from Pannasastra University in Cambodia.

Veasna Pum

Business Manager
Veasna Pum, Business Manager

Veasna joined Liger Leadership Academy Team in 2011 as LLA’s Business Manager. In this role, she handles budget and financial management on the ground in Cambodia including taxation management and compliance, national NGO legal compliance and human resources and labor law compliance. Veasna has a Bachelor Degree in Accounting and Finance from Build Bright University, a Master Degree of Human Resources from Norton University, a General English Diploma from the Australian Center for Education (ACE) and a Cambodian Business Law Certificate from CamEd Institute. Prior to Liger, Veasna worked in sales at OSIM International and as an Accountant at GeoNet Investment and Development.

International Staff

Diana Thuy Swartz

Director of Governance
Diana Thuy Swartz, Director of Governance

Diana has advised non-profit organizations and charities for more than 20 years and has worked with the Liger Charitable Foundation since its inception in July 2009. She specializes in international issues faced by charities, including cross-border giving and fundraising, tax and fiduciary issues with a focus on private foundations, educational and cultural institutions and humanitarian relief organizations. Throughout her career as an attorney in both New York and London, Diana has counseled numerous charities on governance questions and federal non-profit tax law. She received a BA in Cultural Anthropology and an MA in Education – Language, Literacy and Culture from Stanford University, a JD from the University of Pennsylvania and an LLM in Taxation from NYU. Raised with a multicultural, multilingual household and education, Diana enjoys interacting with Liger’s multicultural, multilingual students and staff to further cross-cultural education.