Evaluation and Graduation

To graduate from Liger Leadership Academy, students must receive 30 credits. Each credit is 150 hours of work and the average number of credits per year is eight. Students must achieve at least 65% on all learning experiences to earn a credit. The graduation credit requirements are broken by area of study.

Course of Study Credit
Language Arts 4
Khmer Literacy 4
Mathematics 4
Science 4
Technology/Engineering 2
Entrepreneurship/Economics 3
Social Science 3
PE/Health 1
Creative Arts 2
Electives 3


In addition to coursework, students must:

  • complete at least one Liger approved internship
  • produce an approved digital portfolio at the end of each year
  • achieve an approved level of the Liger Change Agent characteristics
  • complete a project on “How I Changed Cambodia” during their final year

Liger students will graduate with one of three diplomas:

  • International Diploma (ID)
  • National Diploma (ND)
  • Business Diploma (BD)