Educational Model

In a country where many people live only for the present, we believe it is imperative to equip a new generation with the capacity and desire to lead Cambodia’s future social and economic development. Liger Leadership Academy is committed to nurturing highly-skilled entrepreneurial thinkers who are globally-minded, determined, ethical, passionate, and effective. Liger students aren’t waiting for tomorrow; they are changing their country now.

At LLA, students take part in learning experiences which vary in length from one hour to multiple years. Our curriculum is based on current, cutting-edge practices from around the world. Unlike most schools, Liger does not have a standardized curriculum. While we provide a unified educational foundation to all students, we tailor learning experiences to each student that are essential to their desired future beyond the classroom.


Traditional teaching methods employ a convergent approach to teaching and learning wherein instruction is provided through a teach-defined set of criteria and set curriculum, with a goal of meeting at a common point of understanding. The Liger model takes a divergent approach wherein the teacher is open to and takes advantage of appropriate available learning opportunities. The divergent approach provides an authentic and deeply meaningful learning experience in order to reach the goals of the program.

Our learning experiences include explorations, essentials, expertise, and advanced enrichment.

  • EXPLORATIONS are our project-based learning experiences focused on finding solutions to real world problems.
  • ESSENTIALS are our core classes in English literacy, Khmer literacy, math, and science.
  • EXPERTISE are learning experiences available to our senior cohort that allow students to gain a deeper knowledge or expertise in areas of interest or excellence. These experiences are also utilized to develop skills necessary for current or upcoming curriculum.
  • ADVANCED ENRICHMENTS are learning experiences available to our junior cohort that help students to develop an understanding of the world around them and provide a frame of reference for future long-term projects.

At Liger Leadership Academy, our teachers are called facilitators because that’s exactly what they do. They work alongside students to identify a problem or opportunity and design solutions, ideas, and products to address that problem. A facilitator’s role is to help students become an integral part of the learning process. Learning specific content is less important than gaining skills – such as design process, innovation skills, research experience, and collaboration skills – that can be used on campus and beyond. We want our students to be inspired by as many people as possible who have expertise in their areas of interest and for that reason, we work extraordinarily hard at recruiting and retaining an exceptional, diverse, committed staff.