Change agents / Core Values

Change Agent Characteristics and Core Values are critical components to develop desirable leadership qualities in our students.

We are developing change agents who are:


  • Creative

    Perceives the world in new ways to imagine or create something new.

  • Innovative

    Implements methods, ideas or products to introduce something new or improved.

  • Problem Solver

    Identifies and define a challenge or need and create a plan to propose or achieve a solution.

  • Networker

    Collaborates through formal and informal situations to further specific goals.

  • Dot Connector

    Sees, develops and creates connections and relationships between different networks, ideas and/or experiences

  • Communicator

    Effectively convey ideas and/or emotions in a way that other people understand through reading, writing, listening and speaking.

  • Competitive

    Has the will to win and the drive to always be their best while accepting defeat or failure as an opportunity to grow.

  • Opportunity Driven

    Identifies and takes advantage of appropriate opportunities as and when they arise.

  • Passionate

    Displays a strong desire or conviction in an interest or ideas.

  • Calculated Risk Taker

    Works out of one’s comfort zone to do something bold; accepts changes and understands the difference between risk and reward.


Liger’s six core values –  stewardship, integrity, optimism, appreciation, determination, and ingenuity – are incorporated into all projects. Students are individually evaluated on the values used in each project. Student demonstrating the values are acknowledged and celebrated at weekly school meetings and on a photo wall on campus.