Sponsor an Exploration

Explorations at Liger Leadership Academy are project based experiences in which students work together to explore a relevant, often complex question, problem or challenge. This project based learning is almost always enhanced with intensive activities that involve student immersion in real world experiences outside of the classroom.

We are looking for individuals or companies who have an affinity for a specific topic who would like to fund an exploration and potentially take part in the experience. Sponsors of Explorations will receive progress reports on the Exploration as well as a final report and the chance to speak with students via Skype at the conclusion of the Exploration.

Below please find a list of Explorations in need of funding. If you are interested in supporting one of these Explorations or would like information on sponsoring other Explorations, please contact our development team at development@ligerlearning.org.

Cambodia Bike Adventures
Budget: $6,000
This entrepreneurial Exploration is about seeking an opportunity in the market and our students attempting a lean start up. Can Liger students create a bike tour business to share Cambodia with tourists?  Can Liger seniors begin to earn money for Liger or their future? Is there enough interest from Seniors to have employees for this business?  Can this Exploration create a training program to educate other Liger seniors to be guides and work in the business? What is needed to provide a safe, interesting day bike trip for tourist to share the culture and ecosystems of Cambodia?  The bike tours would be available on weekends only so as not to interfere with the regular Monday to Friday program.

Muslim Cham
Budget: $3,200
Muslims are a minority group in Cambodia and suffered greatly during the Khmer Rouge regime but little or nothing is actually known of some epic battles for survival of this group. Students will build a relationship with Muslim Cham students and their community, who we met as part of the Khmer Rouge Exploration Round 3 in 2016/17. We will research the history and struggle of this minority, including their relationship to genocide charges in the Extraordinary Chambers of the Courts of Cambodia (ECCC). The final product will be to translate information that has been written about them into Khmer so they can access it. Secondarily, we would like to build a simple museum or presentation area of Cham artifacts/culture for the Cham people.

Advanced Robotics (prep for VEX tournament)
Budget: $7500
This exploration is to design and build a robot to compete in the new VEX competition “In the zone”. Students will mechanically design the robot in Autodesk Inventor and program it in RobotC.  The competition will be held in Bangkok.  A team will consist of 4 students. Both girls and boys teams will compete in this event.

Engineers Without Borders Competition
Budget: $5,500
Engineers Without Borders runs an international competition each year that focuses on a case study of a rural, poor community. The students are presented with initial information about the community and then are asked to complete independent research about the community, identify a problem facing the community, and then engineer a feasible solution towards solving that problem.