Our Model

Liger Leadership Academy is more than a school. In addition to the essential curriculum, we educate students in project, opportunity, and experiential-based learning. Liger’s innovative model has enabled our young leaders to excel beyond traditional subjects. Our students have become internationally published authors, app and digital currency developers, regionally recognized robotics engineers, and national award-winning filmmakers – all by the age of 18. Liger students aren’t waiting for tomorrow; they are changing their country now.

Liger’s extensive, nationwide recruitment process screens over 8,000 children. We select between 50 and 60 students who we believe to have the most potential to become future change agents and leaders of Cambodia. LLA provides a full scholarship to all students including tuition, room and board, clothing, vaccinations, medical and dental care, health insurance, school supplies, and transportation. Liger’s graduates will be prepared for the rigors of international and Cambodian university as well as have the skill sets and knowledge to start, develop or join a business.

At Liger Leadership Academy, we are proud of our holistic approach to Cambodia as a country. Our goal is to assist in the development of Cambodia by focusing on the young and delivering well rounded, educated and empathetic Liger graduates who have the ability, passion, and commitment to improving not only their own lives but the lives of their fellow Cambodians. Our educational model includes all aspects of life and as a result, encompasses scholastic, sporting, networking, innovative and personal achievements.

“Liger Leadership Academy not only encourages and develops entrepreneurial thinkers, but is, in itself, entrepreneurial, as we constantly look to improve or create new ways to achieve our goal. We have a holistic approach to education and are very focused on who our students are, not just what they know; because who you are determines what you do with what you know. At Liger, we focus on real-life experiences, connected as much as possible to the students’ country because in order to change your country, you must understand it.”

Dominic Sharpe, Country Director, Liger Leadership Academy